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SB277 Law

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A new California law SB277 will require vaccines for attendance in public, private and charter schools. SB277 eliminates personal and religious exemptions for vaccine requirements. Under this law, only medical exemptions will be allowed. There are 2 deadlines that parents need to be aware of:

January 2016 Deadline

January 1st, 2016 is a deadline for children who follow an alternate vaccine schedule to file a Personal Belief or Religious Exemption to attend public, private, charter school. The official Personal Belief Exemption (PBE) form is based on AB2109:

Personal Belief Exemption (PBE) form

A PBE once officially filed at a school in a district, it is transferrable between schools in that district.

A PBE holds up until the child hits one of the check points listed below.

After January 1st, 2016, personal belief exemptions (PBEs) cannot be filed.

July 2016 Deadline

July 1st, 2016 is when SB277 becomes law. After that date, only medical belief exemptions will be accepted. Religious and personal belief exemptions will NOT be accepted for vaccination requirements.

Grandfather Eligibility

Children will be grandfathered in (continue attending school) with their already filed PBE's unless they hit one of the following checkpoints.

GRADE CHECK POINTS Checkpoint Options
Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Kindergarten or
Transitional Kindergarten
Vaccine Requirements Checkpoint Comply with Vaccine Requirements Get medical exemption Homeschool
1st Grade Grandfathered
2nd Grade Grandfathered
3rd Grade Grandfathered
4th Grade Grandfathered
5th Grade Grandfathered
6th Grade Grandfathered
7th Grade Vaccine Requirements Checkpoint Comply with Vaccine Requirements Get medical exemption Homeschool
8th Grade Grandfathered
9th Grade Grandfathered
10th Grade Grandfathered
11th Grade Grandfathered
12th Grade Grandfathered

Checkpoint Options

Parents have the following options when their child hits a checkpoint:

  1. Comply with SB277 and bring the child up-to-date on required vaccinations.
  2. Get a medical exemption from a qualified doctor.
  3. Pull the child out of school and homeschool.


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