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The objective of this site is to provide basic vaccine-related information (with references) to empower parents to make informed decisions related to vaccines. A simple-to-follow personal and religious exemption changes guide is provided with regard to the implementation of the new SB277 mandatory vaccine law in California.

This website attempts to fill in a gap that exists among current vaccine-related websites and online sources/references. Government sources like CDC and major websites like NVIC provide detailed information that is overwhelming for new parents. Those websites are more suitable for folks who are already familiar with the subject of vaccines or know where and what to look for. This website attempts to simplify vaccine-related information and provide first steps for new parents in their journey to learn about vaccine safety, ingredients, and possible side-effects.

Basic vaccine-related information is summarized referencing CDC, FDA and other government sources. No opinions or analysis is provided. No comments are allowed on the website. Please feel free to provide feedback and comments on our Facebook Fan page.

The website vaccineinfo101.com is a tool that could empower us to educate and bring more awareness about vaccines. We envision the website to evolve and mature over time. We welcome all feedback and constructive criticism. Rest assured that all your feedback is considered seriously. We will prioritize suggestions and incorporate them as soon as possible.

Kindly review our disclaimer.

The vaccineinfo101 website has been built by volunteers who care about educating the public on vaccines. We welcome new volunteers to help us with this project and other similar projects in the pipeline. We also welcome financial contributions to help us expedite the rollout of new projects:

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Thank you for all your support!

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